How to Add a Home Gym to Bodyspace — In 18 Simple Steps

how to add a home gym to bodyspace
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In this article, we will show you how to add a home gym to Bodyspace. What does that even mean, you might ask? Well, that is the whole point of this write-up.

Anyone who has tried working out from home has had to face one major challenge: Lack of motivation. It can be quite tiresome to work out at home if you do not have sufficient self-motivation.

This is a big issue for many who prefer working at their home gym instead of professional gyms. Therefore, is there a way to tackle this issue? The answer might just be found in the Bodyspace app from

What is Bodyspace?

Bodyspace is an online fitness network and personal trainer app from that allows you to achieve your fitness goals faster and easier. Apart from offering fitness tools, it is also a nutrition tracking app.

Bodyspace has tons of workout routines and exercises that you can incorporate in your home gym exercises. It allows you to create a workout template that you can follow.

This free app is available on Play Store and Appstore for Android smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy A30S and Apple devices respectively.

When a template is created and saved on the Bodyspace app, you can refer to it whenever you launch the app and continue with your workout progress.

However, we discovered that getting started and creating a template (a workout routine) has been challenging for most folks. That is the reason for this article.

Although you can use the mobile app on your Android smartphone or Apple phone to create a workout template, many have discovered that using the website is much simpler.

Therefore, we will show you in simple-to-follow steps how to create a Bodyspace workout template from the website.

Steps on how to create your workout template on Bodyspace

The following steps will guide you on how to create your workout template on Bodyspace:

Step 1 – Click login/join.

Once you land on the website, click the login or join tab. A sub-menu will appear under the clicked tab. Click on “track” to continue.

Step 2 – Click on “Track Now.”

Step 3 – Click on “Build as you go.”

Step 4 – Input the date and time you started the workout.

Step 5 – Choose your energy level before the workout.

Step 6 – Input your weight

You can use Bodyspace to monitor your weight gain or loss. If you want to keep track of this, select “Next” after entering your weight.

And you can also choose to skip this part: But we don’t think it makes much sense if you skip.

Step 7- Click “Start adding exercises.”

At this point, you are faced with a truck-load of exercises to pick from; and this can be very overwhelming. Like, “where do you even start from?”

Do not panic; you can make things easy by choosing a part of the body you intend to work out based on your fitness goals.

You can also select a piece of equipment you want to use. For example if you have a pair of dumbbell in your home gym, you can select “dumbbell“.

Doing this will help narrow down the list of exercises you can choose from that fit your workout desire as well as equipment.

Step 8 – Choose the exercises you want to add to your template.

Step 9 – Input number of sets for the exercise.

Step 10 – Click on “Add an exercise” to include additional exercises.

Repeat steps 8 to 10 until you have selected all the exercises you want to include in your workout template.

Step 11 – Click on “I’m finished with this workout.”

Step 12 – Input the time you completed your workout.

Step 13 – Rate your current workout.

Step 14 – Click on “Save as template.”

Step 15 – Name your workout template

At this point, you need to enter the name you want the workout template to be saved as. This is vital as templates are displayed publicly to other members, which can help someone else in search of a workout template like yours.

Step 16 – Click on “Review exercises.”

Step 17 – Click on “Done adding exercises.”

Step 18 – Finally, enter any other information that might be of use to other members. Then click on “Save.”

You can find your saved template on the menu bar beneath the “Workout” tab.

We recommend you carefully watch the video below because it has other information about Bodyspace that we did not cover in this article.

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How to Add a Home Gym to Bodyspace – FAQs

Can you get big with a home gym?

If you mean a home gym machine, then you cannot get big with a home gym. Home gym machines are limited in the amount of weight resistance they offer. The limit is around 200 pounds.

This might allow you to get big initially, but eventually you will stop seeing any increase and won’t get as big as desired.

Home gyms are designed to help you keep fit with some having over 50 exercises that can be performed on them. However, free weights are the better option for anyone who wants to really get big.

How do I program my own workout?

The following tips will help you program you own workout:

i. Decide on what your overall fitness goals are. It could be you just want to stay fit, enhance endurance and strength, or you want to gain muscle.

ii. Decide on what your measurable goals are. These goals could be weekly e.g. losing 2% fat in 4 weeks or gaining 5 pounds of body muscle in 8 weeks.

iii. Determine how often you want to work out in a week.

iv. Share your workout days according to your overall fitness goals.

v. Choose the exercises to be performed each day of the week.

vi. After a while, change the workout sequence or include new exercises.

How do female bodybuilders start at home?

The following tips will reveal to you how female bodybuilders start their bodybuilding process at home:

i. Setting fitness goals. The goal could be getting a bikini shape, having a better figure definition, developing physique, or building body muscles.

ii. Craft an extreme workout plan. The workout plan must include at least 3 days of workout, 1 day of rest, extensive stretching before and after each workout session, and strict nutrition.

iii. Fine-tune your body form.

iv. Adjust your diet to aid your fitness goal.

v. Participate in a competition.

What exercise burns the most calories?

Running is the exercise that burns the most calories per hour if all factors required are equal.

Factors that determine how much calories your body burn during an exercise include:

i. Pace

ii. Exercise duration

iii. Your height and weight

iv. Intensity

The table below is a list of exercises that burn the most calories using 125 pounds as the body measurement with the assumption that the factors above are equal:

ExerciseCalorie burned by a body weight of 125 pounds
Water polo566
Circuit training480
Jump rope453
Stationary bicycling420
Rowing machine420
Aerobic dance396

Is Female Bodybuilding healthy?

Female bodybuilding is healthy when done right and carefully. If not performed carefully could be unhealthy.

Many women lose their feminine shape especially when anabolic steroids drugs are used. While some might be okay with their body shape changing, the side effects of such testosterone drugs on females include enhanced sexual activity, hirsutism, dry skin, and mood swings (including aggressiveness).

Apart from the above which can be avoided by not pushing the body beyond its limit and avoiding such drugs, female bodybuilders have a higher injury risk than male counterparts.

Other issues include the risk of being unable to have children as well as psychological issues with the chief among them being muscular dysmorphia.


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