how to design a home gym

How to Design a Home Gym — 9 Simple Tips to Follow

how to design a home gym
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Some people envision a dusty basement with a few cheap dumbbells when they hear the phrase “home gym”. But who would like to exercise in such a place? You guessed right, no one.

This is why you need to have a perfect home gym if you intend to get any work done. Having a perfectly designed home gym will encourage you to work out.

The advantages of having a home gym are numerous. You get to enjoy the privacy of your home among other things.

Below are some great tips on how to design a home gym:

i. Choose a suitable space/room

ii. Paint the walls a shade of white

iii. Select the right lights

iv. Get a full-length mirror

v. Get a sound system

vi. Ask professionals

vii. Bring in the equipment

viii. Do not burden your flooring

Choose a Suitable Space/Room

Selecting a suitable room is the first step in designing your home gym.

To get a home gym you do not necessarily need major renovation. An easy option would be using a spare bedroom. You may consider picking the largest room.

This is advised because your gym equipment will take up some space. If the room is too small, the gym might end up looking clustered. And this will reduce your zeal to work out.

A cramped up gym may also be risky. You should ensure that your gym is spacious enough. We cannot overemphasize this.

If you do not have a spare room, then you may use your basement.

Just make sure to finish your basement if it isn’t already finished. You will be able to save costs by sticking with the basics.

If it is possible, go for a room with a large window that allows sunlight.

Sunlight has been scientifically proven to improve people’s moods.

A happy mood will help you enjoy your environment and help you do achieve more.  

Paint the Walls a Shade of White 

Make your home gym walls bright white. This will give the space a clear and clean feel to it.

Do not pick warm colors for the gym. Warm colors have a way of making you feel relaxed. This feeling will make you tired and lazy to achieve anything.

A bright shade like white will keep you energetic and bright.

For the sake of cleaning, the eggshell finish is the perfect paint for a home gym. A wet towel can be used to remove clammy handprints.

Select the Right Lights

To enjoy an ideal gym experience, you require good lighting.

A variety of light temperatures and light head designs are available to you.

As time goes on, you can reposition your lighting as your gym keeps changing.

When shopping for a home gym light, the LED bulb is an ideal choice. LED bulbs do not consume much energy.

They also do not emit heat as much as older bulbs.

The WAC Lighting Flood Beam Paloma Track Heads and Sunco Lighting 4 Pack PAR20 Led Bulb is a perfect lighting combo for your gym.

A Full-Length Mirror? Yes, Please!

Yes, you most certainly need a full-length mirror. No, selfies are not the reason for the mirror. Well, you may use it for that too.

However, the main reason you need a mirror is to observe your form to reduce the chances of getting injured.

Watching yourself make progress can also encourage you to continue.

It must be a full-length mirror; you should be able to see your whole body. Make sure it occupies a prominent position.

And do not lean the mirror, you will get a slanted view if you do.

Get a Sound System

You may consider getting a sound system. Nothing elaborate, just something portable. It is common knowledge that music energizes.

In a gym, it does more than that. It energizes and keeps you in tune while diverting your attention from your aches.

An ideal sound system for your gym is the UE Megaboom.

Ask Professionals

You may have everything figured out by now; however, you need to take an extra step.

You have to get an expert’s opinion. A professional will guide you in making the right choices.

Tell them your goals. Talk about your available space and plans. Get their professional opinion on everything. They are experts, they won’t lead you astray.

You may not know the right equipment to achieve your goal. An expert will definitely know what you need.   

Time to Bring in the Equipment

So now you have your spacious, bright-colored room. We really hope it is spacious. Your lighting is all set up. And your sound system is also in place.

It is time to bring in the big boys.

Home gyms became more popular due to gym equipment that can be connected to WiFi.

Do you intend to use Wi-Fi connected gym equipment? Then ensure you have an excellent internet connection.

If your internet connection is bad, it may slow you down. That’s the last thing you want.

No workout session can be successful with the wrong equipment. This is why you need to be extra deliberate when choosing your equipment.

You know which equipment you will use often and which will mostly be unused. When selecting your equipment, this should be at the back of your mind.

You have to avoid buying unnecessary equipment. This way, you stand a better chance at keeping your gym cluster free.

We recommend the following equipment for your home gym.

The Bowflex Lateral X

The Bowflex Lateral X is a cardio trainer that gives you a full body workout.

It works in three distinct aspects. It moves side-to-side, stand-and-squat and push-and-pull.

These motions help toughen muscles which are often neglected.

The Bowflex ST 560 Dumbells

The Bowflex SelectTech 560 Dumbells are just totally amazing.

These smart dumbells offer a very interactive workout session. They do this using their Bluetooth 3DT sensor. The SelectTech app coaches you through the workout session.

The Modern Movement M-Pad Balance Trainer

The Modern Movement is a line of strength and balance products. They use the M-Trac app to keep tracks on your improvement as you work out.

The app also has a digital trainer that guides the user through the workout. The Modern Movement M-Pad Balance Trainer is an excellent product in this series.

To find out more about home gym equipment, click here.

Do Not Burden Your Flooring               

 Now that you have your equipment, how do you place them in your gym? The first thing you should consider is your flooring.

Do not burden your flooring. If you intend to use weights ensure you do not cluster them in a spot. Make sure they are spread evenly across the gym.

Loading up a spot on your floor will definitely have a strain on your floor. It will only be a matter of time before your floor collapse beneath the weight.

You can also use rubber mats to protect your flooring.

Rubber mats are designed to withstand whatever weights and equipment placed on them. They are also really simple to clean.

They are good sound insulators too. So it’s an excellent two-way deal. Neither your flooring nor your spouse will be mad at you.

You may check out this cool gym mat.

If you plan on doing any Olympic lifts say deadlifts or power cleans, an Olympic platform is a necessity.

If you enjoy DIY, you can build your Olympic platform yourself. Or you may either simply buy one.

Easy to Remove

Your gym has to be simple to remove for several reasons. Say relocation or you want to resale your house.

So when you pick your gym layout, consider your home resale value. You should be able to move your gym equipment somewhere else when buyers come over.

This is important because if your buyer is not much into exercise a present gym will throw them off.

Before putting your house up for sale, repair every modification you may have made in the gym room.

Check out the video below. It explains all we have discussed and more.

Extra Tip – Set a Schedule, Stick to it!

Yay! Your home gym is set, so what now?

You have to start working out ASAP. You no longer have to go through the stress of leaving your house to workout. So you are one step to achieving your body goal.

But this won’t be possible if you do not workout. To begin, you need to set up a work out schedule.

Do not just set up a schedule, stick to it!

If any equipment is difficult to use, bring an expert over. Get them to teach you the workings of the equipment.

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How to Design a Home Gym – FAQS

What is the best compact home gym?

The following is a list of the best compact home gyms in 2020 in no particular order:

i. Total Gym APEX G1

ii. Weider Ultimate Body Works

iii. Gold’s Gym XRS 50 Home Gym System

iv. Kinelo Fuel Pureformance Home Gym

v. Atlas Strength AL-2003 Home Gym

vi. GR8FLEX Total Performance Gym

vii. Rogue RML-3W Fold Back Wall Mount Rack

viii. Bowflex Home Gym Series PR3000

ix. Xterra Fitness FB350 Folding Exercise Bike

x. MAxKAre Folding Treadmill

xi. Citybirds Power Tower Dip Station Pull Up Bar

xii. Rogue P-3 Pull-up system

What is the best floor for home gym?

The following are the best flooring for your home gym:

i. Rubber – Most versatile. Installation is easy. It is durable, water-resistant, and shock-absorbent.

ii. Foam – Most portable. It has various styles and colors plus it offers much comfort.

iii. Vinyl – Most practical. Can be maintained easily and will last long. Resistant to mildew, mold, moisture, and chemical.

iv. Carpet – Most popular. It is home-friendly, soft, and versatile.

v. Artificial turf – Most suitable for athletic training. Visually appealing and enhances the performance of athletes.

vi. Wood – Best design. It is attractive and good for kickboxing or aerobics.

vii. Cork – Most Ecofriendly. It has natural insulation and is water-resistant.

What is a good size for a home gym?

A good size for a home gym depends on the kind of workout want to carry out and the equipment you will be using.

If you will be using free weights like dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells, etc. you will need about 20 – 50 square feet.

If you will be using bigger exercise machines like treadmills, ellipticals, home gyms, etc. you will need about 30 – 50 square feet.

And if you are going for a multi-stationed setup, then you will need 50 – 200 square feet.

Is it safe to put gym equipment upstairs?

It is safe to put gym equipment upstairs. The upstairs floors of most modern houses are designed to support weights of 30 to 40 pounds per square foot. Overall, most rooms will support a minimum weight of 1,500 pounds; some might do more.

This is sufficient enough to handle the weight of your gym equipment such as treadmills, rowers, ellipticals, etc.

While your gym equipment is safe upstairs, putting them upstairs isn’t the best especially if you have a garage: Now that would be the ideal location.

The reason is because the structural integrity of your house might be compromised. You’ll also have to deal with noise. Working upstairs with others below might be a bit of a nuisance.

What is the best color for a home gym?

The following is a list of colors that are best for a home gym:

i. Fiery red – Perfect for quick-paced cardio workout and great for bringing out the intensity while you work out.

ii. Lavender – Want a color that relaxes you while you practice your yoga and meditation? Then this is just for you.

iii. Peach-pink – If your home gym is used for dancing, then this will provide the right atmosphere.

iv. Light blue – Great for focus especially for those workouts that require utmost concentration.

v. Green earth – This color is great for those who do not really have their own dedicated space. This color will still give you the calming effect you desire.


With your home gym, you can keep fit without the hassle that comes with a public gym.

With these easy steps in this article, you can create the perfect home gym.

Make sure your gym is spacious and clutter-free. And do not forget to follow every other important advice we have given.

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comment section below.

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