how to make a crossfit gym at home

How to Make a CrossFit Gym at Home — 13 Important Equipment

how to make a crossfit gym at home
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Thinking of making a CrossFit gym at home? Then you’ve come to the right place.

This article is designed to show you how to make a CrossFit gym at home without having to spend your life’s savings on it. We reveal what equipment you will need to get your CrossFit gym fully functional.

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What is a CrossFit Gym?

A CrossFit Gym allows the user to perform functional movements at high intensity with the aid of bodyweight exercises as well as special equipment not common in commercial gyms.

The workouts performed in CrossFit Gyms are everyday core movements but at high intensity. These workouts focus on every muscle group in your body leading to a full-body workout.

These workouts are also time-based and must be completed within the set time. In most cases, the daily workout challenge is supposed to be completed in 15 minutes maximum.

Benefits of a Making your CrossFit Gym at Home

What do you gain from having a CrossFit gym at home? The following are the benefits of making your CrossFit gym at home:

i. You save money

ii. Saves you stress

iii. Convenience

You save money

CrossFit gym membership costs much more than a regular gym membership. There are some that cost as much as $150 monthly if not more.

Saves you stress

Commuting to your CrossFit gym isn’t as easy as many might think. This can be more stressful if your gym is somewhat far away. The traffic also can sometimes be quite unbearable. 

Saves time

Apart from the time you save going to the gym, CrossFit workouts can be done in less time than other types of workouts.


Having your own CrossFit gym gives you the convenience you will never if you use gym membership.

 Sometimes the gym schedule does agree with yours, what do you do? Some folks forego such sessions. That won’t happen with your home CrossFit gym. You can workout whenever and for as long as you desire.

Equipment Needed For your CrossFit Gym

We believe at this point you’re convinced and ready to make your CrossFit gym. The problem is what equipment do you need?

We got you covered in this section. Just read through as we show you the necessary equipment you can’t afford not to have in your CrossFit gym.

All the equipment listed here can be used at intensely fast speeds and are capable of delivering outstanding results to your fitness level.

You’ll find more equipment on strength training, some cardio equipment, rowers and even basic tools such as jump ropes.

Enough of the introduction, let’s get into it already…

The following are pieces of equipment you need for your CrossFit gym:

i. Kettlebells

ii. Dumbbells

iii. Barbell

iv. Weight plates

v. Squat rack/pull-up bar

vi. Gymnastic rings

vii. Bench

viii. Rowing machine

ix. Jump rope

x. Climbing rope

xi. Plyometric box

xii. Glute ham developer

xiii. Medicine ball


Kettlebells are not the shiniest, biggest or complicated workout equipment in any gym, but they certainly get the job done better than most.

This equipment can be used for a wide array of workouts including deadlifts, swings, lunges, squats, snatches, etc.

We recommend the LifeSport Premium Kettlebells. This kettlebell was cast as a single iron piece thereby making it durable for years. It also has a base that is machine flat to provide increased stability.


Dumbbells are the close cousins of kettlebells and can be used for almost the same workouts. However, they are more suitable for presses, jerks, thrusters, and snatches.

When getting dumbbells for your CrossFit gym, buy those that weigh between 25 to 55 pounds. This weight range allows you to perform different kinds of workouts effectively with maximum results.

The Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells is highly recommended because it will offer you a wide range of exercises. Their adjustable nature makes them convenient for any workout group from beginner to pro.


Let’s just get over with all that ends with a “bell” before moving to other items.

The barbell is recommended for almost every kind of gym. It is a great way to build both upper body muscles as well as leg muscles when properly executed.

A 20kg bar will allow you to perform Olympic lifting and power lifts. An example of such a barbell is the Rogue Bar 2.0.

Another barbell you could go for is the Rogue Ohio Ceratoke Bar. This barbell is quite durable and won’t warp when dropped.

It is nearly resistant to oxidation and similar to stainless steel thanks to its Ceratoke finish. It is quite a bargain if we might say.

Weight Plates

Yep, we just had to mention this equipment right after the barbell; what is a barbell without weight plates?

Your CrossFit gym doesn’t need regular iron plates. Rather you need to get bumper plates that can be dropped as quickly as you have to without reducing your intensity.

However, before you drop those plates, be sure your floor can receive such abuse.

Dropping your barbells is rather common in CrossFit workouts because weights are lifted to your maximum capacity. That’s the CrossFit philosophy.

Bumper plates of sets of 5s, 10s, 25s and 45s weight will get you started in the right direction.

When choosing a bumper plate, we advise you to make sure they are compatible with your barbell.

We recommend the LifeSport Rubber Coated Olympic Plates. These plates are affordable and will take the abuse you throw at them or rather throw them at when you drop them.

Squat Rack/Pull-up Bar

I think we’re officially done with the “bell” family. Now let’s bring out some heavy muscles.

The squat rack is not a toy; it is a mean device that will put you in shape quickly. It allows you to perform a vast range of muscle building workouts. Trust us; it is not for the fainthearted.

This equipment holds your weight so that you can carry out your workouts safely. And since CrossFit philosophy requires you lifting to your maximum capacity, the squat rack comes very handily.  

There are different designs out there. However, when choosing a squat rack, consider your space. The size of the space available determines how large your squat rack should be.

For want of space, squat racks that can be folded are the preferable option. A good example is the Titan Fitness Foldable Squat Rack.

It is also advisable to go for squat racks that can accommodate other attachments like a pull-up bar. This way, you don’t have to buy a piece of equipment that is completely different.

The Rogue Fitness Power Rack RML-490C is a good example of a squat rack that has a pull-up bar attachment.

Gymnastic Rings

Gymnastic rings might not be your staple piece of gym equipment, but when it comes to CrossFit gyms, you need them. They help you perform gymnastics movements that cannot be excluded from a CrossFit workout program.

There are different ways you can fix them for use. It is either you hang it on your ceilings or loop them over your pull-up bar.

It is recommended you go for rings with shorter straps. Longer straps just make it more difficult to achieve muscle-building stability.

A good example which we highly recommend is the NEXPRO Wood Gymnastic Rings will suit your CrossFit needs.


A bench is a simple piece of equipment that can be used with other equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, stacked barbells, etc.

When used with these other pieces of equipment, you will truly appreciate what support a bench adds to your routines. You can perform triceps dips, bench presses, etc.

It can be used as a resting spot after a good old CrossFit Daily Workout Challenge.

When getting a bench, go for a simple bench; nothing fancy. However, make sure it is a padded bench that supports your back when working out. Having one that can be adjusted is a plus.

We do recommend this Home Gym Adjustable Weight Bench below.

Rowing Machine

A rowing machine (rower), unlike other cardio exercise machines, is used for CrossFit workouts. It is one sure way to bring a new dimension to your workouts. It also improves your overall fitness in many areas.

Unlike other cardio machines, rowing machines (rower) don’t take away using stabilizing muscles. This makes it perfect for CrossFit workouts.

It works on all your body’s major muscle groups and increases your heart rate at the same time. It can knock the wind out of you if you are not careful. But don’t worry about that, it simply means the routine is working.

A rower we recommend is the TUNTURI R30 Cardio Fit Series Rower. This item can be for aerobic as well as anaerobic conditioning.

Jump Rope

This right here needs no introduction. A lot of us got acquainted with jump ropes while we were kids.

Jump ropes are one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you need to have for your CrossFit gym. There’s no need to say more just get one…

If you don’t know which, allow us to recommend the WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope.

Climbing Rope

Another rope very much used in the world of CrossFit gyms is the climbing rope. This rope helps in strengthening your entire body muscles as you make the climb.

Please, do not use a rope that is not manufactured for climbing. It is important we say that over and over again if possible. Such ropes are not designed to support such weight and can easily fray.

What climbing rope do we recommend? Easy, go for the Get Out! Jute Exercise Rope

Plyometric Box

When it comes to CrossFit gym and workouts, you are sure going to see a lot of strange pieces of equipment.

Say hello to the “Plyometric Box”. What can a Plyometric Box do for you? It allows you to perform jump-overs and box jumps which are a basic set of CrossFit workouts. It is used for CrossFit Workout of the Day (WOD).

Go for boxes like the Ultra Fitness Gear 3 in 1 Foam Plyo Box that are suitably high and do not have hard edges. (Landing on hard edges can be quite painful).

Glute Ham Developer

Although this equipment is not completely necessary, its benefits to CrossFit workouts cannot be downplayed. However, this equipment can be gotten later as you keep building your gym.

What do these machines do? As you might have guessed, they help in strengthening the hamstrings and glutes. They do this job better than other equipment.

To get optimal results, you need to spend more time working on your hamstrings and glutes.

If you ask us for a recommendation, we’ll suggest the Rogue 3 x 3 Echo GHD.

Medicine Ball

Medicine balls are known for enhancing stamina, developing core strength, improving coordination, promoting better balance, and increasing better reflexes.

Unlike many of the equipment on this list, medicine balls can be very tricky to use initially. However, when used over time, the benefits become glaring.

When choosing a medicine ball especially if you’ll be using it for the first time, go for smaller and lighter weights.

A good example of a medicine ball that will suit you is the CAP Barbell Rubber Medicine Ball.

Watch the video below.

CrossFit Gym Flooring

CrossFit workouts can be quite intense and there isn’t much time to be gentle when dropping your equipment.

To this end, your floor must be well designed to take the abuse. Else you could end up damaging your flooring as well as equipment.

Gym floor mats are perfect for CrossFit gyms. Not only do they protect your floor and equipment, but they also offer firm footing.

These floor mats can also be cleaned easily. Click here to learn how to clean gym mats.

If you need one, we recommend you go for the BalanceFrom Puzzle Exercise Mat with EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles.

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How to Make a CrossFit Gym at Home – FAQs

Can I do CrossFit on my own?

You can definitely do CrossFit on your own without going to a CrossFit gym.

We recommend you also consult your doctor to verify if you can do CrossFit on your own. This is because of the intensity of the CrossFit exercises. Do not skip this especially if you have a health challenge or injury.

You can do CrossFit on your own by starting with bodyweight circuits exercises. Focus on those that can improve your form. Then build your endurance by making use of kettlebells and a pull-up bar.

Since you’ll be working out alone without an instructor, we recommend you check out workout routines online. Check out for more information.

How do you start a CrossFit gym?

Starting a CrossFit gym isn’t as difficult as many might think. The following steps will guide you on how to start a CrossFit Gym from the scratch:

i. Pick a gym name.

ii. Decide on the type of business entity your CrossFit gym will be.

iii. Get a CrossFit certification.

iv. Pay the CrossFit affiliate fees.

v. Register your CrossFit business.

vi. Get an employer identification number.

vii. Get funding for your business.

viii. Get a gym space.

ix. Obtain all required permits.       

x. Obtain a business checking account.

xi. Get a business credit card.

xii. Get insured.

How much do you make owning a CrossFit gym?

CrossFit Gym members pay up to $150 per month. If you have about 10 members that pay $150 each month, then you will make $1,500 per month and $18,000 per annum.

This is just a modest estimate for the first year. However, if all your strategies and marketing plan are effective you have 40 members, you could end up with $6,000 each month and $72,000 per annum.

Basically, the number of members you have determines how much you make from owning a CrossFit gym. Some CrossFit gyms have up to 150 members but that will require much planning and marketing strategizing.

Is CrossFit OK for beginners?

CrossFit is very ok for beginners and can be tailored to be beginner-friendly.

The intensity of CrossFit exercises might look intimidating for anyone who is watching from the stands. However, CrossFit is perfect for anyone whether you have experience or not.

Beginners will have to familiarize themselves with the terminologies used in CrossFit such as WOD (Workout of the Day), AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible), etc.

Also, beginners can start the workout slowly and even customize their own experience to suit them. This is why getting the right CrossFit gym and coach is important.

Why is CrossFit bad?

The health risks of CrossFit exercises have been a major point of discussion. The extremeness and intensity of the workouts have been a major concern.

Many believe the exercises are too complicated for most folks. The repetition of exercises within a time period can be very harmful to the body. Especially when the athlete has to maintain certain form until the time is up.

Furthermore, many argue that CrossFit instructors are not properly trained. As a result, they cannot coach others well.

Lastly, there is no room for recovery as most CrossFit performers hit the gym almost every day. This can be harmful to the body.

Final Words

Making a CrossFit gym at a home is an investment that surely has a lot of benefits in many areas in the long run.

To avoid it looking like an insurmountable project, you can buy the equipment one after the other until you get all.

For further questions and comments, let us know in the comments section below.

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