how to repair home gym cable

How to Repair Home Gym Cable — 1 Simple Trick

how to repair home gym cable
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Gym cables are used in several pieces of gym equipment and are very versatile. There are cables for home gyms, weight machines, etc. However, when they get damaged or worn out, they make working out more difficult.

Although, you can easily replace the damaged cable with a new one, what if you don’t have the funds or access to it? Is there any way you can repair your home gym cable?

Luckily, you can with a simple trick. This how to repair home gym cable tutorial has the answer.

Repairing versus Replacing

Is it better to repair or replace your home gym cable?

Replacing a damaged home gym cable is better than replacing it because it has more advantages. Repairing your home gym cable is a quick but temporary fix that isn’t guaranteed to last long. On the other hand, replacing the damaged cable with a replacement DIY cable will surely last for a long time.

When replacing your gym cable yourself, many professionals prefer you to go for DIY cables instead of official replacement cables. This is because the former is cheaper and easier to install than the latter.

If you can afford an official replacement cable and you use a Total Home Gym, we recommend the Made in USA Extremely Long Life Cable or the Total Gym Cable below.

How Does a Home Gym Cable Wear Out?

The nylon insulation that is located near the metal core is the part of a home gym cable that wears out. This happens because this part usually rubs on the pulleys and the friction causes the wear out.

When the wear-out happens, the cable starts fraying and the hidden metals are revealed. This leads to corrosion of the metal-core and loss in tensile strength.

A gym cable wearing out is not a strange thing. Once you have used it for a while, there is a huge tendency for such wear out to occur.

Therefore, if you notice your gym cable wearing out, it is better you fix it before the damage becomes beyond repair.

Now that you know how your cable gets worn out, let’s take a look at how you can quickly repair your home gym cable. A quick fix will prevent your gym training program from suffering due to bad equipment.

Repairing Your Home Gym Cable

How do you repair a damaged home gym cable?

In most cases, a gym cable can be repaired with tape or any adhesive that can cover the wear out.

If we are to recommend a tape, we’d advise you to go for the Professional Premium Grade Gaffer Tape.

Worn out cables are very easy to repair. However, as we said, repairing a home gym cable won’t last long. It is just a temporary fix.

The problem apart from this repair not lasting is that it will create an uneven feel on the cable’s surface. This can even obstruct the free flow of the cable in the machine especially if it has to pass through the machine.

The obstruction by the cable in the machine can even cause damage to your gym equipment if you aren’t careful.

Repairing your home gym should be a temporary fix and not a permanent thing. You can do it in the event it happens suddenly. Do not use a repaired cable for a long time.

What Other Options are Available?

So far from this article, you might have concluded that repairing that damaged cable may not do you much good as you anticipated. If repairing is no good, what else can be done?

As we mentioned above, replacing your damaged cable is the better alternative than repairing.

Two types of replacement cables can be used to replace your damaged cable. They are:

i. Official replacement gym cable.

ii. DIY replacement gym cable.

Let’s discuss them, shall we?

Official Replacement Gym Cable

What are official replacement gym cables?

Official replacement cables are cables that are from brands that manufacture your gym equipment. In other words, they are cables specifically designed to suit your gym machine.

Getting an official replacement cable might seem like the easiest route to take when a gym cable gets damaged. However, it is a known fact that it is not as easy as many think.

Due to the unique nature of this kind of cables, they are not usually in stock in your everyday gym store. In most cases, they have to be ordered from the cable manufacturer directly. Making such an order can be quite expensive as well as time-consuming.

Apart from the problem above, official replacement cables have another issue. This has to deal with how they are packaged and delivered.

These cables are completely assembled upon arrival. The bulky and thick hardware attached to both ends of the cable makes attaching the cable to the machine a difficult task.

To attach such cables, you will need to completely remove the gym equipment’s pulley through which the cable is supposed to pass through. After doing this, you will remove the old damaged cable before fixing in the new one.

This process can be tiring, confusing, time-consuming, and even dangerous to your equipment. If you are not careful, you could end up damaging your gym equipment.

DIY Replacement Gym Cable

What are DIY replacement gym cables?

DIY replacement gym cables are built by individuals with hardware found in stores and they are personally crafted to suit one’s preferences.

Getting a DIY cable is the best option to follow when your gym cable gets damaged.

One advantage of a DIY cable over official replacement cable is the fact that the hardware used for the former can be easily obtained in stores.

Furthermore, unlike official cable that must be run through the pulleys, you can simply screw the DIY cable to the gym equipment. This is because of its hardware design.

Apart from the above, DIY cables are cheaper than official replacement cables. One of the reasons for this is because of its hardware design again.

Both ends of a DIY cable can be removed. As a result, when replacing the cable again, you can still reuse the hardware.

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Replacing Your Home Gym Cable

Since replacing your home gym cable looks like the best way to go, can you do this without asking for help from professionals?

With some sure steps below if followed carefully, we believe you will be able to replace your gym cable.

Materials Required

You will need the following materials to replace your home gym cable:

i. Hardware

ii. Thick cable

iii. Eyelet

iv. Little ball

Let’s talk about these materials a bit…


The hardware is what you will use to attach the cable to your gym equipment.

To avoid getting the wrong hardware, we recommend you find out how it looks like as seen on your equipment. You can also dismantle your original but damaged cable to see what you need.

Tip: If you can use the old hardware, there is no need to get a new one.

Thick Cable

The thickness of your cable is important as it ensures your safety. If you go for a cable that isn’t thick probably because it is cheap, then get ready for some hazards while working out.

Don’t go for any cable less than 2 millimeters thick.


This material is for the attachments. Check out the example below.

Little Ball

This material makes sure the cable does not retract too far. A good example is the TreadLife Fitness Replacement Rubber Stopper Ball.

Tools Required

You will require the following tools to replace your home gym cable:

i. Wrench

ii. Wire cutters

iii. Screwdriver

Steps to Replace your Home Gym Cable

i. Mind the cable route.

ii. Take out the damaged cable.

iii. Put in the replacement cable.

iv. Fasten the cable to the equipment.

v. Cut the cable.

vi. Fasten eyelet.

We explain these steps in detail below but watch this video Before you continue reading.

Step 1: Mind the cable route

When replacing the cable, make sure you mind and remember the route of the cable. It will be a disaster to remove the damaged cable without knowing where to place the new.

Step 2: Take out the damaged cable

 Slacken the end of the cable that is attached to the equipment. In most cases, you need a wrench to perform this action. Cut the cable once it is removed from the equipment.

Cutting out the cable is the best alternative to get the hardware out without taking it out.

Step 3: Put in the replacement cable

Pass the replacement cable carefully through the pulley. It is recommended you do this first before attaching anything. Doing this first allows the pulley to remain in place.  

Let the cable pass the cable route which you took note of in step 1. Make sure it passes through correctly.

Step 4: Fasten the cable to the equipment

After routing the cable, the next thing to do is to fasten the hardware onto the equipment. This will cause the cable to be mounted on to the gym equipment.

Every machine is peculiar so perform this step based on your machine’s design.

Step 5: Cut the cable

At this point, you have to cut the cable to the appropriate length. That means you must get rid of most of but not all of the slack. The reason for leaving some slack is to give you room when moving your weight as well as space for hardware attachment.

Step 6: Fasten eyelet

Remember the eyelet? This is where you use it. Attach the cable to the eyelet or the moving part of your gym equipment that you move when working out.

You must add the little ball before attaching the eyelet as it cannot be done later.

At this point, you have successfully replaced your cable.

If you still can’t do it yourself, it is best you hire a professional. It will prevent you from damaging your gym equipment as well.

3 Tips to Make Your Home Gym Cable Last Longer   

i. The cable should not touch anything else but the pulleys.

ii. The cable should pass through every pulley.

iii. Reduce the friction of the pulleys by lubrication.

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How to Repair Home Gym Cable – FAQs

How do you lubricate a home gym?

The following steps will guide you on how to lubricate a home gym:

i. Get a lint-free clean towel or rag.

ii. Wipe off dust, hairs, dirt, etc. from the gym rods with the towel or rag.

iii. Examine if there is a need for lubrication by running your fingers down the rod. If it is slippery, you don’t need to lubricate it. If it is not, then it requires lubrication.

iv. Apply a bit of the lubricant on the gym rod.

v. Wipe and spread the lubricant over the rod.

vi. Spray some more lubricant in the linear bearings.

vii. Allow it to dry before you use the home gym.

Can you use wd40 on gym equipment?

It is not advisable to use WD-40 on your gym equipment. WD-40 is not a lubricant in the real sense as some people might think. Rather WD-40 is a water displacing spray which is why “WD” is a short form “water displacement”.

WD-40 is a designed for cleaning purposes and not for lubrication: And especially not for lubricating gym equipment.

Using WD-40 on your gym equipment such as home gym, elliptical, treadmill, etc. can cause serious damage to the bearings of these pieces of equipment. This is because WD-40 gets dried up almost as soon as it is spray which leaves your equipment drier than it was.

A lubricant we recommend that can be used on your gym equipment is the PlanetSafe Exercise Equipment Lube Kit

How do you adjust a Technogym pulley?

You can adjust a Technogym pulley when the frame is unbalanced by adjusting its four feet. To do this, you will require a wrench and a screw driver.

Once you get the tools:

i. Make the locknut found at the right side of the equipment’s base slack.

ii. Then screw in the foot of the equipment till it is stable.

iii. Then tighten the locknut you made slack.

iv. Now loosen the screws on the feet of the equipment’s lower arms to make the feet rest firmly on the ground.

Are cable machines good?

Cable machines are very good for working out and are known to offer so many benefits. These benefits include:

i. Cable machines really challenge your body muscles.

They are perfect for increasing muscles and are better than circuit machines. Cable machines improve your balance, coordination, and strength.

ii. You can work out your entire body with on.

The various attachments on a cable machine allow you to engage in different workout routines.

iii. Cable machines are safe when you compare them to other equipment.

iv. It strengthens your core better than most core exercises depending on how you use it.

v. Cable machines are perfect for anyone whatever you are an expert or beginner and whatever your fitness goals are.

Are free weights better than cable machines?

Free weights are not necessarily better than cable machines and vice versa. Rather, it comes down to personal goals and training level.

Both have their advantages which we will tabulate below:

Free weightsCable machines
Can easily switch between exercise types.Builds strength and muscle effectively.
Builds coordination and balance.Can be used by anyone at any level.
Can be used with other equipment.Has less injury risk.
Can be used to effectively improve on muscle imbalances.Can be used effectively to work out one body part or area which makes it perfect for injury recovery.


Repairing a home gym cable might not be a long term fix; however, it can be fixed to serve for a short while. In other words, repairing your cable isn’t the best option. The best option is replacing your cable as we have discussed above.

If you have further questions, please let us know in the comments section below.

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