how to use a bowflex home gym

How to Use a Bowflex Home Gym — In 4 Easy To Apply Steps

how to use a bowflex home gym
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The Bowflex home gym is a resistance workout equipment used to build the muscles.

The Bowflex home gym is very compact and can fit into any room in your home. This is what makes it perfect equipment for your home gym.

A lot of exercises can be done using the Bowflex home gym. This article will show you how to use a Bowflex home gym to achieve your fitness goals.

How Does the Bowflex Home Gym work?

To use the Bowflex home gym properly, you need to understand its workings.

The various models of Bowflex home gym use either of two types of technology. These are the Power Rod technology and SpiraFlex technology.  

Both the Power Rod technology and the SpiraFlex technology use a pulley/cable system.

The Power Rod technology, however, has resistance coming through flexible long rods.

At the beginning of the workout, the move is quite simple. But as your reps increase, the tension in the bow increases. This makes movement more difficult.

Three Bowflex home gyms use the Power Rod technology: The Xtreme, the Ultimate and the Classic.

SpiraFlex technology resistance starts with circular “cams”. These “cams” allows resistance to stay at the same level throughout your work-out.

The Bowflex Revolution XP Home Gym uses the SpiraFlex technology.

The Bowflex home gym is effective for those who wish to attain muscular fitness. However, for those who desire to achieve a whole lot of muscular size, the Bowflex home gym is not suitable for them. This set of people should rather use free weights as it will offer them a greater result.

If you want to lose some weight, then a Bowflex home gym is the right choice for you. With the Bowflex home gym plus your daily cardio exercises, you will achieve your goal in no time.  

Read on to find out how to build your muscles with a Bowflex home gym.

How to Build Your Muscles Using a Bowflex Home Gym

As earlier stated, Bowflex home gyms help to strengthen and build your muscles.

When using the Bowflex Home Gym, you need to follow certain practical steps. These steps will take you a lot closer to achieving your fitness goals.

Check out the steps below.

Make a Workout Schedule

Your first step is to get an exercise schedule and stick to it.

We like to believe you have a home gym to ensure safety while you work-out. If you don’t, check out this article to know how to build your home gym.

Your workout schedule should let you workout on your Bowflex thrice a week. Work on various muscle groups for each of the three days.

For instance, day 1 can be for arms. Day 2 for back and chest muscles. And you can use day 3 as legs day.

Please, never forget your legs day. They are as important as every other muscle group.

Squats and hamstrings are leg exercises that can be easily done using the Bowflex Home Gym.

To perform squats, while holding the grip, place your hands on both shoulders. Then straddle the bench. Sit on the bench then go back up.

Concentrate on Your Form

As you use the Bowflex home gym to build your muscles you need to pay attention to your form.

The Bowflex gives you more movement range than most home gym equipment. You need to make the most of this advantage.

A lat pull-down is a perfect exercise that focuses on your form.

To do a lat pull-down on a Bowflex, lie down and place your head close to the resistance bars.

The grips should be right above you now. Pull down the grips. Make sure you reach your waist.

Find a Resistance Level That Matches Your Strength.

You have to look for the resistance level that will not fail your muscles. To fail is when you are unable to finish the final repetition.

Find a resistance level that allows you to do 12-15 repetitions in each set.

Work Your Way Up the Harder Resistance Levels.

Do not just go to the toughest resistance level in one day. Take your time and work your way through the resistance levels.

Only increase the resistance level once you effortlessly finish a set.

What Exercises Can You Perform With Your Bowflex Home Gym

How many exercises can you carry out on the Bowflex home gym?

You can carry out over 30 exercises on your machine. That is what the Bowflex Company says. However, with an imaginative mind and a bit of creativity, exercises available to you are limitless.

The bench of the machine can be used at either a flat position or inclined to 45°. This feature plus some dumbbells offer you lots of free weight workout options.  

What body areas can you workout with the Bowflex home gym?

The body areas you can effectively work out with the Bowflex gym include your arms, back, chest, abdomen, and legs.

Below, we have listed several exercises that you can perform on your Bowflex home gym. The exercises are organized according to the body area they affect.


The number of exercises for your arm that is possible on your Bowflex home gym is quite vast. We will list out some basics.

For the deltoids, you may do some sitting and standing front shoulder raises. And some shoulder presses.

For the triceps, laying or standing triceps extensions will give impressive results.

And finally, for the biceps, you could perform some laying or standing bicep curls.


You can perform several back exercises using your Bowflex home gym. Ranging from standing arm pull-downs to seated pull-downs. These can be performed using the handles in top position.

You can use the lower handles to perform upright rows and seated rows.

While performing these exercises, your back major muscles will be mostly put to work. Most especially the trapezium, rhomboids, and lattisimus dorsi.


To build your pectoral muscles (pecs), perform chest presses, flyes, and bench presses. Your machine has to be in an inclined position for these exercises to be possible.

The part of your pectoral muscles that will work the most is determined by the angle your arm is.

With your arms angled at 90 degrees, your pec’s mid part (sternal head) will be exerted the most.

Also if your arms are angled downwards, the lower part of your pec (abdominal head) will work the most. Finally, the upper part of your pec (clavicular head) works the most with your arms angled upwards.

This is why you have to do workouts that include all these angles. This will make sure your pectoral muscles are developed evenly.


The number of leg exercises that you can perform on your machine is quite limited. Some of the leg exercises available to you with your Bowflex home gym are leg presses and leg extensions.

Leg extensions work for the quadriceps. While the leg presses work for the gluteus maximus.   


You can perform resisted reverse crunches, resisted crunches, and resisted oblique crunches.

Trunk rotations can also be done on your Bowflex home gym.

Check out this video to see more Bowflex workouts.

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How to Use a Bowflex Home Gym – FAQs

Can you do pull ups on a Bowflex?

You can do pull ups on a Bowflex depending on the Bowflex equipment you are using. There are various pieces of gym equipment from Bowflex with different designs and purposes.

The Bowflex Body Tower is one of such many pieces of gym equipment from the Bowflex brand. Its design allows the user to perform pull ups on it as well as over 20 other exercises.

The Bowflex Body Tower does not take up much space. It has a length of 50 inches, a width of 50 inches, and a height of 77 inches. This makes it perfect for any home even for those with low ceilings even when you are performing pull ups.

Is Bowflex or Total Gym better?

The Bowflex is better than Total Gym for the following reasons:

i. The potential for strength building when using any Bowflex home gym is higher than when you use a Total Gym. This is because the Bowflex Home Gym uses external resistance, unlike the Total Gym that uses one’s body weight.

ii. More varied exercises can be performed on a Bowflex Home Gym than on a Total Gym.

iii. Bowflex machines are quite easier to use when compared to Total Gym machines. Total Gym machines are more suitable for folks who are advanced in gym workouts. Bowflex home gyms, on the other hand, are pretty straightforward even for beginners.

Is Bowflex better than free weights?

Bowflex and free weights have their pros and cons and their effectiveness depends on your goals and workout routines.

A careful comparison using the following factors will reveal which is better for you.

i. Weights – Bowflex Home Gyms have the advantage here because the weight is resistance based and can be varied. This gives you the chance to improve over time. Free weights, on the other hand, have a constant weight. It can only fluctuate when in motion.

ii. Price – Free weights are generally cheaper than Bowflex Home Gyms.

iii. Muscle building potential – Free weights will help you build muscles faster than Bowflex as the latter limits certain muscle movements.

iv. Safety – This will go to the Bowflex as they are designed for safety while free weights are known to be hazardous if not handled carefully.


Is Bowflex a good brand?

Bowflex is very good and reliable brand in the fitness equipment industry that have been in the business since 1986.

Apart from the popular models of Bowflex Home Gyms, Bowflex also manufactures treadmills, indoor bikes, adjustable dumbbells, and tread climbers.

Bowflex equipment is quite easy to use even for beginners with no prior experience. And they fall within different budget ranges which makes it accessible to different groups of people.

The technology used by Bowflex is well advanced and can be said to be one of the leading technology brand in the fitness industry.

What is the best Bowflex machine?

The following is a list of the best Bowflex machines in the market:

i.Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym Machine

ii. Bowflex Blaze Gym

iii. Bowflex Revolution Home Gym

iv. Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

v. Bowflex PR3000 Workout Machine

vi. Bowflex HVT

vii. Bowflex TC200 TreadClimber

viii. Bowflex Results Series Treadmills BXT216

ix. Bowflex Xceed

x. Bowflex Ultimate 2

xi. Bowflex Body Tower

The best among these for you depends on your budget, fitness goals, workout routines, and gym space. For example, the Bowflex Revolution will offer you a full workout than others but the Bowflex PR3000 is the most versatile among the lot.


The Bowflex is excellent gym equipment for muscle building. However, it may be difficult to understand how to use this machine.

We believe the steps given in this article will aid your usage of this wonderful home gym equipment.

If you have any question, let us know in the comment section below.

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