why is working out at home better than a gym

Why is Working out At Home Better than a Gym

why is working out at home better than a gym
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Working out at home is more popular these days for a lot of reasons. And while commercial gyms are still very much in use, most people would rather work out from home.

Many persons claim that the advantages of working out at home far outweigh the advantages of using commercial gyms. Some persons believe the total opposite of this. While some other set of persons cannot seem to make up their minds about this.

We believe that working out at home is better. And in this article, we will answer the question, why is working out at home better than a gym.

We will approach this question by listing out the pros and cons of working out at home. And also the pros and cons of working out in a public gym. Assessing the pros and cons of both a home gym and a public gym will answer the question.

Working out At a Public Gym


The following are the pros of working out at a public gym:

i. Focus

ii. Motivation

iii. Extra services

iv. Variety of equipment

v. Spotters


When you work out in the gym, you are focused on what you are there for. Working out. No thoughts of the kids, your dog, or the chores.

All you can think about is the dumbbell and the strain on your muscles. When your thoughts are focused on your exercise, you have quality workout time.   


The fee you pay for a gym membership is a major source of motivation. To avoid feeling like you wasted such cash, you will put your all into your work out.

The atmosphere at the gym is always charged. There are a lot of people working out all around you. This will push you to do better.

The look of admiration from other people when you achieve some feat will also motivate you more.

Extra Services

Most gyms provide extra services like tanning, massaging, daycare, and even steam rooms. These are not important to your workout routine. But it will greatly increase your gym experience.

Variety of Equipment

A commercial gym offers a large variety of gym equipment. Some equipment is so expensive that you may not be able to afford it for your home gym. Some of these costly equipment may be important to achieving your fitness goal.

The large range of gym equipment in a commercial gym increases options for your workout plan.


The gym is filled with people. In a case where you are being crushed by a 400lb bar; you will certainly have someone to help out. This is important to avoid fatal accidents.


The following are the cons of working out at a public gym:

i. Location

ii. Hygiene

iii. No freedom

iv. Have to wait in line

v. Distractions


The location of the gym closest to you maybe 30 minutes’ drive away.  Having to beat the traffic to get to the gym will reduce your workout spirit. And eat into your workout time.


Gyms are always kept clean. But where you have so many sweaty people, there’s bound to be germs. 

No Freedom

At the gym, you can’t be as free as if you were home. You certainly cannot scream or sprawl out on the floor when you are exhausted. But you can do all of these and even more at home.

Have to Wait in Line

Most gyms are often crowded. Sometimes, you may have to wait in line for someone to finish up with the equipment before you can use it.


You may be free from your kid’s distraction in the gym, but you still have to deal with other forms of distractions. Sometimes you have to socialize in the gym. This can be pretty distracting.

Working out At Home

The pros and cons of working out at home are discussed in this section.


The opposites of the cons of working out in a gym are all pros of working out at home. You don’t have to leave your home to work out; it’s more hygienic at home. You also have all the freedom in the world and you don’t have to wait in line.

Other advantages of working out at home include:

i. Saves you money

ii. 24/7 gym hours

iii. Your personal haven

iv. No confusion

Saves You Money

Most gyms are cheap. Despite this, the monthly membership fees can accumulate to a staggering sum. When you work-out at home, you can save up this money.

You may consider investing this sum in equipment for your home gym. Most home gyms are not so expensive. We recommend the Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym.

Check out this article for how to use the Bowflex home gym. 

24/7 Gym Hours

Your home gym is always open. You get to work out whenever you want. Most gyms close for renovations and holidays. This can disturb your workout schedule.

Home gyms are hence the best to make sure you can always work out. 

Your Personal Haven

You have total freedom in your home gym. This is so good an advantage we have to emphasize it. Your home gym is your haven and you can make of it as you see fit.

You don’t have to listen to general music. Music is really important when you work out. And nothing beats listening to your own music.

A simple sound system will do this job perfectly. We recommend the UE Megaboom.

You can also grunt, scream, and even cry as loud as you want. And most importantly, you can wear anything you want.

No Confusion

 While the gym provides you with different equipment, it may be quite confusing. Especially for bodybuilders.

You tend to forget that free weight is what’s best for bodybuilding. And then you get wrapped up with all the different equipment the gym offers.

But most home gyms mainly consist of free weights and this is good for bodybuilders.


The following are the cons of working out at home:

i. No spotter

ii. Costly equipment

iii. Lack of motivation

No Spotter

This is a very risky disadvantage of working out at home. Being stuck beneath a barbell is no joke.

However, this is one disadvantage that can be easily solved. You may either get a power rack that has pins that hold the weight in the right position so it won’t fall on your neck when it slips.

Or you may get a family member or friend to act as a spotter.

Costly Equipment

Setting up a home gym can be expensive due to the cost of gym equipment. However, getting these equipment will end up worth it in the long run. So this disadvantage does not leave you that disadvantaged.

Lack of Motivation

Working out all by yourself can demotivate you. However, you can solve this problem by getting a training partner.

Watch this video for a visual explanation of all we discussed.

Working out at home has just three disadvantages. And all of these disadvantages can be fixed. However, the disadvantages of working out in the gym are too many.

This makes it clear that working out at home is much better than working out in a gym.

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Why is Working out At Home Better than a Gym – FAQS

What are the immediate effects of exercise on the body?

The following are the immediate effects of exercise on the body:

i. Heart rate increases.

ii. Stroke volume increases.

iii. Blood pressure increases.

iv. Cardiac output increases.

v. Breathing rate increases.

vi. Tidal volume increases.

vii. Oxygen uptake increases.

viii. Carbon dioxide removal increases.

ix. Lactate production increases.

x. Muscles temperature increases.

xi. Muscles pliability increases.

The first 4 benefits in the list above affect the cardiovascular system. Effects 5 and 6 are effects in the respiratory system, 7 and 8 are cardio-respiratory system exercise effects. The 9th effect occurs in the body’s energy system while 10 and 11 affect the muscular system.

Can you get ripped with just bodyweight exercises?

You can get ripped with just bodyweight exercises when a strict workout is maintained and combined with tactical nutrition.

Bodyweight only exercises can build your body muscles including those ripped abs you’ve dreamed of. It can increase your stamina, strength and has so many health benefits.

Unlike most other kind of fitness training, bodyweight only exercises training has a lower injury-risk potential. This makes it suitable for any gender and age.

Bodyweight exercises make brings together elements found in complex bodyweight training, gymnastics, calisthenics, parkour, strength training, free-running, army boot camp, and yoga.

How can I get big muscles in 2 weeks?

The following tips will reveal how you can get big muscles in 2 weeks:

i. Have a good knowledge of the muscle hypertrophy concept.

ii. Pay much emphasis on compound movements and heavy lifting.

iii. Increase your workout volume which is also known as time under tension.

iv. Sleep well for at least a recommend 10 hours every night.

v. Increase protein intake with each meal. Recommend intake should be between 20 to 25 grams.

vi. Take casein protein each night before going to bed.

vii. Reduce stress.

viii. Eat wholesome foods to increase calories rather than cutting down calorie intake.

Can you bulk up without weights?

Bodyweight exercises allow you to bulk up without weights. This is done by constantly increasing the difficulty of the body exercises you are performing.

This process is known as progressive overload which is a concept of putting bit by bit but increasing demand on your body. Progressive overload is the only way your muscles will find a reason to get bigger.

Progressive overload is used when working with weights. Once you are comfortable with a certain weight, you increase the weight to make it more challenging. This is the same process when performing bodyweight exercises except in this case you aren’t using any weights but your bodyweight.

What are the best home gyms?

The following is a list of the best home gyms in 2020 in no particular order:

i. Total Gym XLS

ii. Bowflex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym

iii. Marcy Multifunctional Steel Home Gym

iv. Marcy Smith Cage Workout Machine

v. Body Solid Free Weight Leverage Gym

vi. Body Solid StrengthTech EXM2500S Home Gym

vii. Body Solid G10B-LP Bi-Angular Gym

viii. Powertec Fitness Lever Gym Work Bench

ix. Gold’s Gym XRS 50 Home Gym

x. MiM USA Functional Trainer with Bench

xi. Weider Ultimate Body Works

xii. Icon Fitness Weider Pro 8500 Smith Cage

xiii. BodyCraft Galena Pro Home Gym

xiv. BodyCraft Xpress Pro Home Gym

xv. Inspire Fitness Ft2 Functional Trainer

Check out this article for more detail.


This article proves that working out at home is much better than a gym. We do this by discussing the pros and cons of both locations.

If you have more questions, let us know in the comment section below. 

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